Three Things to Consider When Looking for an Auto Body Repair Shop


It is important that you choose a quality auto body repair shop to fix your car. Whether it is removing dents, replacing parts of the body or painting your car, the finished job can restore your car's value prior to the accident or make it worth less. And the latter will affect the resale value if you decide to sell it. The following are a few things to know when looking for a good collision repair shop.

16 February 2017

How To Repair Paint Chips


Over the years, your car is going to pick up a few scratches and dings. At first, small scratches might not seem worth fixing. However, if you leave them alone for too long, they can grow and become problematic. The biggest concern is if rust starts to form on your car body. This level of corrosion will need to be professionally fixed. However, this is why it is so important to patch and repair small paint chips as soon as you notice then.

17 January 2017

How To Prolong Your Cars Battery Life


If you have ever gone to start your car and realized the battery was dead, you know how frustrating it can be. Luckily, it is possible to reduce how often this happens by working to prolong the battery life. Here are some different methods that work for helping that car battery last a little longer. Keep the Lights Turned Off This might seem obvious, as many people know that keeping headlights on can kill the battery, but this also applies to brief moments of time when you are not driving the vehicle.

12 January 2017