Three Things to Consider When Looking for an Auto Body Repair Shop


It is important that you choose a quality auto body repair shop to fix your car. Whether it is removing dents, replacing parts of the body or painting your car, the finished job can restore your car's value prior to the accident or make it worth less. And the latter will affect the resale value if you decide to sell it. The following are a few things to know when looking for a good collision repair shop.

Make sure they use exact replacement parts

With many cars, the best choice for a replacement part, such as a fender, is one from the original equipment manufacturer. After market manufacturers may make something close, but it may not be an exact replacement, so upon close inspection, you may notice a difference between your new fender and the original fender. Request that OEM parts be used when possible. This also holds true with paint color. An auto body and paint shop should be able to use the exact paint of the OEM, and not something that is close. Using the exact parts and paint colors may not always be possible, but when you find a repair shop that can provide this service, it is likely a quality repair shop.

Make sure they have experience with your make and model

There can be a lot of variation from one car company's design to another. This is especially true with the body of the car. There is also variation in makes and models from the same manufacturer. For these reasons, you need to make sure that the body shop has extensive experience with your car. Sometimes a dealership will have a body and paint facility, but this may not be an option where you live. However, it is common for manufacturers to have certified body shops that are independent of a dealership, so this may be your best option when looking for a quality repair.

You can choose the repair shop you prefer

Keep in mind that you are not required to use the auto body shop that your insurance company recommends. But if you decide on another shop, make sure that they have experience submitting insurance forms for your particular insurance company. All body shops handle insurance, but it is always helpful if they have done business with your insurance company. This will expedite the process.

Take your time and find an auto body repair shop that shows every indication that they can do the work needed, with the proper replacement parts, on your particular make and model, as well as handle the insurance forms. If you find a repair shop like this, you are likely to have a quality job done on your car.


16 February 2017

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