Deers Can Turn A Trip Down A Highway Into A Trip To A Body Shop

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Collisions on a highway are not always avoidable. Even when a driver is extremely careful and the other drivers on the road are careful, the wildlife in the vicinity are not so conscientious. Anyone who has driven on a highway surrounded by forestry has probably seen signs noting the dangers of "deer crossings." Protecting against deer-related accidents is difficult since the animals have a tendency to dart out on the road without warning. Amazingly, deer have been known to walk away from major collisions. Cars seem to suffer the bulk of the damage. Getting the potentially massive body repair work on a car after a deer collision means finding the right body shop and taking the proper steps prior to arrival.

The Awkward Phone Call

Yes, it may seem quite odd to call up an auto body shop and ask "Can you fix up a car that was hit by a deer?" The call might seem to be an awkward one to make, but it probably is not. Auto body shops deal with a lot of collisions, and many collisions come with unique tales. A deer-related collision might not be all that out of the ordinary. Still, when making the call, determine a few things:

Past Experience with Deer Collisions

Positively make sure the auto shop is comfortable with fixing a car that was damaged by a deer. The best repair professional is someone who is experienced with the job. So be sure to ask if the shop is willing to handle a "deer mangled" vehicle.

Ask About Steps Prior to Drop-Off

When placing the initial call, ask if any steps need to be taken prior to bringing the car to the auto body shop. Namely, ask if blood and fur need to be cleaned off the damaged section of the car. While it is doubtful any such steps will be required, it never hurts to ask.

Ask About a Deal on a Tow

Driving the messed up car is probably not going to be an option. Towing could be expensive if insurance won't cover the trip. Asking the auto body shop if a deal on a tow is available wouldn't hurt. The shop may even have towing service available for its customers.

Back to the Original Look

Once the body work has been done, as long as no major engine or other parts have been damaged, the car should look and run just like new. Selecting the best auto body repair shop for the job helps with this cause.


10 February 2017

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