7 Tips That Keep Your Automatic Transmission In Shape

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Even if you aren't a "car person," you know whether you have an automatic or manual transmission. While driving an automatic car means you do not have to shift when you drive, it does not mean your car isn't shifting. In order for this to happen properly, your transmission needs to be in good working order. Want to keep it healthy? These tips will help.

1. Take your car in for routine maintenance.

If you want your car to operate on a long-term basis, you need to take it in for regular maintenance. These shops will likely advise you to change your transmission fluid every other year, or more often if you drive a lot. This is not advice you want to ignore.

2. Check fluid levels regularly.

If you notice low fluid, add more right away. If fluid levels are frequently low, it could be that you have an issue with your seals. You should have this looked at quickly.

3. Don't ride the brakes.

You might not realize it, but riding your brakes can damage your transmission over time. Maintain a proper braking distance without driving with your brake on all the time.

4. Warm up your car before a drive.

This is especially important in cold weather. Idling first can be especially helpful in helping your car change gears regularly. Warming up the car just a few minutes before you leave is a big help.

5. Repair your car quickly.

If you notice something wrong, ensure that you have your car looked at right away. This includes everything from grinding sounds to bad smells. Don't wait when you know that something is wrong.

6. Stop before you reverse.

When changing gears from drive to reverse (or vice versa), make sure that you come to a complete stop first. This is much easier on your transmission.

7. Set your emergency brake when you park.

When you park, it is easier on your car when you set your emergency brake. Make sure to do this especially when you are parked on a hillside when there is potential to roll up or down.

Simply because you have an automatic transmission does not mean that you should not also be concerned with how it is shifting. It is easy to shove thoughts of transmission to the side when you drive an automatic. Don't fall prey to transmission issues that might keep you off the road. If you're having transmission problems, contact a local transmission shop for assistance.


18 January 2017

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