7 Savvy Tips to Remember When Buying a Used Semi Truck

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Whether you are making a change as an owner-operator truck driver or you are in the process of building a fleet of semis for your own trucking company, buying a used truck is the most logical way to go for most people. However, you should never walk in blindly and pay for a semi truck without putting forth the effort necessary to ensure you are making a good investment. Here are seven savvy tips to remember when buying a used semi truck.  

1. Ask for maintenance records. - Know what you are buying by getting the previous owner's maintenance records. These will show you prior engine troubles, when the tires were last changed, how well-maintained the motor is, and will give you a good overall look at the truck's history. 

2. Take a look at the engine oil. - Just looking at the engine oil will give you an inside peek at the motor and how well-kept it actually is. Be especially alert to oil that looks gritty, milky, or sludgy, as all of these could point to lack of regular changing and potential engine problems. 

3. Get a good look at the tires. - Do all of the tires seem to have similar wear? Are there some tires more badly worn than others? Make sure the wheels are in good condition without warping. 

4. Look for corrosion around the brakes. - Replacing brakes on a semi truck can be a costly endeavor. Take a look at the brake system and look for signs of corrosion, as corrosion can be the biggest problem with drum brakes. 

5. Obtain the semi truck accident history. - Just like other vehicles, you can use the VIN to check out the semi truck's history. Look for accident reports and see how many different owners the truck has managed to pass through over the years. 

6. Examine the windows all around. - Leaky windows in a semi can be a major pitfall because you spend so much time in the truck. So take the time to get inside of the cab and look for signs of leaky windows, like broken seals and water damage. 

7. Sit in the driver's seat of the truck. - This may seem cosmetic, but you definitely need to know that the truck has a good quality seat. Make sure your body feels supported and ensure you have no problems adjusting the seat so you can operate comfortable and safely. 

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12 January 2017

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