Power Steering Gone Out? Don't Try Towing Your Car Without Professional Help

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It can be tempting to call a friend or family member to tow an inoperable vehicle home rather than call a professional tow truck driver in order to save money. While self-towing may be an option in some situations, if your car's power steering has gone out, then self-towing could be disastrous. 

Here are three reasons why you will need to call a professional tow truck for assistance if your car's power steering isn't working properly.

1. Making quick maneuvers can be impossible for the individual driving the towed vehicle.

When you tow a car behind another passenger vehicle, it's essential that the individual driving the towed vehicle has the ability to make quick maneuvers. The towed vehicle must be able to navigate through traffic safely, and a lack of power steering can make it nearly impossible to move a towed vehicle out of harm's way. 

By contacting a professional tow company, you will be able to avoid an accident by placing your car on the bed of a tow truck. This eliminates the need for maneuverability, preventing power steering failures from affecting a car's ability to be towed safely.

2. Turning your vehicle's wheel without power steering can be difficult.

Towing a car without the help of a professional tow company requires the individual in the towed car to steer the vehicle. If you need to make a series of turns in order to get your inoperable vehicle home, a failed power steering system could make self-towing impossible. 

By contacting a professional tow company, you can eliminate the need to steer your vehicle. A tow truck driver will load your car onto the bed of his truck and transport it safely to its destination.

3. Power steering failure can be accompanied by engine or brake problems.

When your vehicle's power steering goes out, it could be a sign that there is a mechanical failure in the engine. Your brakes may also be negatively affected. Self-towing your vehicle requires that you move it from the spot where it broke down. 

Driving the vehicle could cause additional damage. A professional tow truck driver will be able to move your vehicle without driving it. This allows you to avoid the expense associated with additional damage when you take your car to a mechanic for repairs.

Investing in professional towing can be beneficial. If your vehicle's power steering isn't functioning properly, it can affect your ability to make quick maneuvers or steer your vehicle around turns. Calling a professional towing service reduces the risk of accident and will help you avoid causing further damage to your vehicle.


5 January 2016

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