The Family RV Road Trip: 4 Tips For Hauling A Trailer

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Driving a recreational vehicle (RV) requires very good driving skills. Add to that a trailer, and even the most skilled drivers may face some issues. Unfortunately, practice and patience are the only ways to learn how to maneuver difficult driving tasks, such as driving an RV or towing a trailer.

If you are planning to head out on a long road trip with your RV and you will be towing a trailer, make sure you practice your driving skills in an empty parking lot before hitting the road. In addition, follow these four safety tips while on the road to ensure all goes well:

1. Inspect Regularly

You should regularly inspect your trailer, hitch, wiring, and tires on long road trips. Each time you stop for a break, get out and walk around the RV and trailer to visually inspect it. Make sure that everything is connected correctly and firmly. In addition, make sure all connections are secure and strong; nothing is fraying, buckling, or coming loose. You may also want to check on the lights to ensure that all break lights and blinkers are working properly. Finally, visually inspect the tires for any punctures.

If you notice that anything is loose, broken, or wearing thin, take your RV and trailer to an auto shop immediately for attention. An accident with two large vehicles can cause serious injuries.

2. Save Gas

If you are a little money conscious—and who isn't?—save a little cash by emptying out the water tanks in your RV. You can empty out all the tanks that are grey or black, both before and after the trip. Just make sure you fill them up when you get to your destination, if you plan to use the water.

3. Follow Far Behind

When you are towing anything, you should make sure you that follow other vehicles at a safe distance. Even if you are an experienced driver, double the normal following distance to ensure safety. This extra distance will give you enough time to react and slow down or stop, should you need to.

4. Go Slow

Finally, don't be afraid to drive slower than normal while you are driving an RV or towing a trailer—or both. Larger vehicles are more difficult to maneuver and usually have a lower speed limit anyways, so utilize it and go slow. In bad weather conditions or heavy traffic, go even slower, if you need to. It is important that you feel in control, and reducing speed is the best way to do so.

For more information about RV trailers, contact Crowder RV Center, Inc. or a similar company.


24 June 2015

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